You’re Gonna Be O.K.

Recently I was able to write a blog post over at Thrive to Shine. Read it HERE! Audra


The Next Big Thing: Menards Christmas Tree Lot

We had big plans to visit a local Christmas tree farm this year. Plans to get bundled up in the wagon, cut down our own tree, sip on hot chocolate and take super cute pictures that make our family and friends swoon! But those plans quickly changed as the day went on and the thought …

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How to survive CRYageddon

What is cryageddon you ask? The Ohm dictionary defines it below:  Cry•a•ged•don  noun •When the majority of your offspring begin crying at the same time causing a sound that could possible break the sound barrier I yelled "what is this cryageddon!?" at the top of my lungs, just trying to out cry the other three …

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