Show Them

Our job isn’t to change people. To make them different or same like us. Forcing them into a perfectly shaped steeple. As they sit in rows quiet and straight, Hiding from others. Afraid of the potential hate. We live in a world that’s black or white. It’s one or the other, not full of color….

The Last Time

By Audra Ohm If I knew it was the last time we would talk over coffee at the kitchen table. I would have asked more questions, put my phone down and turned off the cable. If I knew it was the last time we went for a walk together. I would have walked a bit…

A Cry for Help & Apple Pie

I’m about to get real friends and it may sound like I’m whiney at times, but hear me out please.  Yesterday was a hard momma day!  Our dryer went out a couple weeks ago and we have been waiting for the new one to arrive.  Finally the day came and yesterday I had 10 loads to do….

Sea of Diamonds

The year was 1986, I was five years old.  My family took the long 13 hour journey from Haughton, La to Sweetwater Lake in Ninevah, IN where my grandparents had a house.  This house is etched into my brain as one of my favorite childhood memories, great memories that I will never forget.  The very modest…