Ripple Effect

What is our purpose in this world, we ask.
We crave to feel important,
We want God to give us a generous task.

We desire our purpose to be known.
Our name written for future generations.
Have our actions seated on a throne.

We’re never satisfied and looking out,
Waiting for our turn to make a huge impact.
We are always questioning and filled with doubt.

A rock is just a rock until it’s let go,
No purpose if it’s not thrown.
You reap what you sow.

If thrown into water it creates a wake.
A ripple that’s set free,
Effecting the surface of the lake.

Some rocks travel a great distance,
Skipping across the calm surface,
And some with little persistence.

The rock that created the ripple did not see the effect of the wake.
It traveled below the surface,
Laying peacefully at the bottom of the lake.

How many ripples did each rock make?
Is one less significant than the other?
A wake is a wake.

Morrow Coffey Graham was just a mother,
Doing what she was called to do,
She lived a simple life loving one another.

She worked hard to raise her kids everyday.
Praying them through every stage.
Reading her Bible and teaching them Gods way.

Her ripple created a wake for all to see.
Insignificant to her but time bares fruit,
Like a simple acorn sprouting an oak tree

Her son grew into a man,
Preaching and guiding many to be saved.
Spotlight shown through his lifespan.

Ripples start so small and humble,
Look how they grew immensely.
Yet, someone must create from rubble

Insignificant events of this world seem to be most momentous.
Some are meant to save many, yet others are called to save one.
The one is unnoticeable but the ripple is tremendous.

Don’t focus on the purpose of others,
Envy produces distraction.
Your purpose is found by helping your neighbor.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. AC says:

    Very cool poem!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed this post! It’s so true that we often go through life looking for our purpose and it’s amazing to think that even a small rock can have an effect when it’s thrown into the water. It’s an inspiring thought that even our smallest actions can have an impact. I’m curious to know, is there a way to measure the amount of ripples each rock makes?


    1. audraohm says:

      Thank you. I think that is what God is teaching me. We don’t need to measure the ripples. All we need to do is trust and be in His will. Every person ripples are impactful in heaven, doesn’t matter the amount or intensity.


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