Show Them

Our job isn’t to change people.
To make them different or same like us.
Forcing them into a perfectly shaped steeple.

As they sit in rows quiet and straight,
Hiding from others.
Afraid of the potential hate.

We live in a world that’s black or white.
It’s one or the other, not full of color.
Everyone is wrong and you are right.

God made the rainbow for all to see.
Full of his promises and love.
Not for the perfect but for you and me.

Our job isn’t to change man,
To throw the stone with a plank in our eye.
Jesus clearly drew that in the sand.

Judgement kills potential.
Love paves a way.
Wisdom is essential.

Our job is to show them Christ,
The savior that died for you and me.
Teach of what He sacrificed.

Show them the Man who sought the weak.
Met with the broken
And washed His disciples feet.

Show them the Man who was gentle,
Spoke to others with truth & love.
Who said thinking like a child is fundamental.

Show them outpouring grace.
Show them kindness.
Show them they belong in this space.

Show them the Amazing Grace song,
How sweet the sound.
Show them God not their wrong.

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