A crack shown
Mended with glue
Fractures reappear
New accrue
Fear of breaking
Sending tremors deep
Not enough glue
Will make this mug keep
Unable to be filled
Or used for it’s purpose
Liquid leaking
All over the surface
Sitting unmended
Broken and unused
Alone on a shelf
Ego bruised
Ground trembles
The earth quakes
One small tumble
Mug breaks
Light peers through
Tears flow
Gentle hands embrace
Gathering slow
Every piece found
By the Maker Himself
Set apart
From the others on the shelf
Fire burning
Liquid boiling
Imperfections arise
Gold toiling
Mended pieces
Cooperatively with gold
Stronger than before
Creating a forever hold
Higher reward
Until completely broken
It can’t be made new
Surrendered to the creator
Light can now shine through

Written by Audra Ohm
Photo by Marco Montalti

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