Let’s Say

Let’s say By: Audra Ohm

Let’s say, Rosa Parks didn’t speak out.

Let’s say, she buried her pain deep in that route.

Instead, she pierced her lips and let fear close them shut.

Then, moved to the back with a pain in her gut.

Let’s say, Billy Graham didn’t give his life to God.

Let’s say, he claimed the Bible as flawed.

Instead, he let his doubt say he wasn’t qualified.

Then, chose to stay at home to sit in his pride.

Let’s say, Martin Luther King Jr. threw that speech away.

Let’s say, he didn’t even write it for fear of what people would say.

Instead, he watched from the sidelines hoping for change.

Then, safe at home but full of rage.

Let’s say, Anne Frank didn’t pick up a pen.

Let’s say, she succumbed to the darkness within.

Instead, she held on to every experience and thought.

Then, sat and waited hoping not to get caught.

Let’s say, Mother Teresa didn’t choose the path of discernment.

Let’s say she refused the life of sacrifice and spent her days in adornment.

Instead, she fell in love with a man from her town.

Then walked down the church aisle in that traditional white gown.

Let’s say, Fred Rodgers didn’t go into television.

Let’s say, his hate for TV got the best of him.

Instead, he spent his days speaking to only a few.

Then, he kept to himself and his wisdom no one knew.

Let’s say, the gifts God gave us are being unused

Let’s say, our hands are so full that gifts are refused.

Instead, we choose to be lazy and seek worldly pleasures.

Then, our heavenly impact becomes buried treasures.

Rosa Parks stood up and took a stand.

Having faith in her God that He would take her hand.

Billy Graham had faith that God would qualify him.

Letting go of doubt and helping the world be forgiven of their sin.

Martin Luther King Jr. stayed up late to write that speech.

He started a movement that changed the way Americans would teach.

Mother Teresa spent her days in prayer & fasting.

Laying down her life for others and putting her trust in the everlasting.

Fred Rogers went into a career he hated.

To change it from the inside, that’s where Mr Rogers was created.

Whatever you give me,

whatever gift you provide me,

I will make sure that gift becomes a valuable part of building your kingdom on earth.

It is in you, God, I will know my worth.

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