You weren’t made for this world.

The sunlight never touched your skin.

The wind never blew in your precious face.

Your heart fluttered for brief moment of mine.

Your memory will last an eternity.

I never got to hear you cry.

I imagine your laugh to sound like mine.

You visit me in my dreams at night

All your first were taken from me.

I can only imagine them in my head.

Who would you be today.

Who would I be with out this pain.

Take me back before I knew.

Back when life was sunshine and roses,

But the storms came with a violent agenda.

Ripping roots up from the ground beneath me.

Leaving only what was firmly planted.

The winds died down and the rain slowed.

Rising from the east brought a new day.

Just over the horizon a rainbow appeared.

Mesmerizing colors painted the sky.

Reminding me of the joy inside.

Your soul was too perfect for this world.

You belong somewhere greater.

I had you for a brief moment.

He has you for eternity.

You are back home my love.

No pain exist there.

You made my world just knowing you.

But this world wasn’t made for you.

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