Here’s to the Ones

Here’s to the ones that left their homes,

Headed for school or work alone.

Grabbed their keys and got in theirs cars, 

Praying for a normal day, not one with scars.

Here’s to the ones at the wrong place and time.

Wrongly accused of an inconceivable crime. 

Put on trial with minimal evidence,

Death row as their permanent residence. 

Here’s to the ones that watch every move,

Becoming blameless so there’s nothing to prove.

Shrinking into the shadows to not draw attention,

So they won’t become someone to mention.

Here’s to the ones that lost their temper.

A brief moment that changed their lives forever.

Formed deep within from years of trauma, 

Untreated and left alone like boiling lava.

Here’s to the ones who’s last breath shook the ground.

A life cut short on the officers playground.

Starting a movement to find the one sheep,

The ninety-nine step aside to find the weak.

Here’s to the ones pulled over for a minor violation.

Forced out of their car without hesitation. 

Fear escalating, survival skills in overdrive,

Running to keep themselves alive. 

Here’s to the ones seeking justice,

Accountability for the injustice. 

Creating standards everyone should live by.

Exposing the corruption and mountain of lies.

Here’s to the ones that didn’t make it back home.

Their families left to grieve and moan.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, 

Not of this world but in God we trust.

Poem by Audra Ohm

Image by Victor J. Blue

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