“The race isn’t over until the last person crosses the finish line” Ally Love


By Audra Ohm

She trained for months
In the Texas sun and started out slow
One foot in front of the other
This race was for her, not for show

Small changes happened gradually
As long as she kept moving
She faced hard moments
Never giving up, only improving

June came and the gun went off
The sound echoed in her soul
She took her first step to freedom
Letting go of the past was her only goal

People may have passed her
One after the other
She may have been slow
But this was for her, not another

With her head held high
she kept running with strain
Sweat hit the ground
Trembling with surrendered pain

Her hard past dying with each step
Her footsteps were the only sound
Everyone had past her, she was alone
The finish line has been found

The runners that past her, stood there waiting
Hours after crossing the line
They cheered her on as she past them
Knowing the race isn’t over with a deadline

The race is done when the last one finishes
That is when the celebration can begin
Celebrating for what all have accomplished
When we all finish, we all win

Well done good and faithful one
You have run your race, but you aren’t done
Welcome to the place where you belong
The race has only begun

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