Lord, I can’t Breathe


By: Audra Ohm

Nothing I say can take away the pain
No words can erase the past
No sentence can bring back the slain

My ignorance is tolerated no more
The land of bliss is rotting from the core
Lord, I can’t breathe

Nothing I re-share will clear my privilege
No post can make it right
No amount of time will give me enough knowledge

Too many innocent lives have been lost
No amount of justice will replace the cost
Lord, I can’t breathe

Nothing I write will stop the transgressions
No statement I make is that profound
No paragraph can answer all the questions

Every generation must seal the separation
Every person must unite and heal our nation
Lord, I can’t breathe

I can respond to others with grace and love
I can stand with the afflicted and carry their cross
I can listen so we can rise above

Love your neighbor as yourself, he said
There’s no greater commandment ahead
Lord, I can’t breathe

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