One Horned Flying Horse

I look in the mirror and what do I see?
One horn on my head, not two or three
Everyone I see has more than one
They are all alike except for me

I stand alone in my pail plain skin
While others around me all blend in
Different colors all around
I’m outside the circle and not within

I’m not a delicate bird or grand bald eagle
My wings are large and somewhat medieval
They are adorned with massive white and gold feathers
Not intricate at all but rather quite simple

They all laugh and stare when I am around
Because I am different and wear a crown
My head adorn with rows of flowers
Unlike others I have found

In my difference I have come to perceive
Difference is not something one should grieve
It should be something we embraced and admired
For in the unique the utmost is achieved

I was intricately designed since before I was born
Perfectly made from His thoughts to adorn
Predestine gifts assigned for a purpose
My given name is Unicorn

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