The Next Big Thing: Menards Christmas Tree Lot

We had big plans to visit a local Christmas tree farm this year. Plans to get bundled up in the wagon, cut down our own tree, sip on hot chocolate and take super cute pictures that make our family and friends swoon!

But those plans quickly changed as the day went on and the thought of driving 45 minutes and being out in the cold with the twibs was not as appealing anymore. I contemplated what I truly desired and the easy outweighed the full experience.

I remember seeing Christmas trees at Menards and we had to run some errands over there anyway. So we decided to grab some McD’s peppermint hot chocolates and head over to our local Menards to make a brand new Ohmie tradition! What’s the icing on the cake? We were home in time for naps! Win win!

They are ready!!! (Arden has some hops)

They provided us with these amazing wagon type things. Perfect for the twibs!

Arden loved there plumbing section. This Christmas tree farm has everything!

We found the one!!!

Aren’t they cute?!? Swwooooonnnn!!!

Livi has it covered guys!

She loves her little “not so prickly” tree!

Off to pay for our freshly cut Christmas tree!

“Do we get a piece of candy with every tree?” -Millie

It was so windy! Haha

Time to decorate!

What I learned today was that it doesn’t matter where we get our tree. It is the people that matter and my peeps made some amazing memories. Merry Christmas!! From our Menards tree to yours! ❤️

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