We sold our house, Now what? 

We gave another big YES recently, unsure of what’s to follow, we said yes to selling our home. After the OhmFlood we knew this was the next step for our family.  We recently accepted an offer on our house and we close on November 10th. Ahhhh!

Selling our house has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I literally had a mental break down in my garage that resulted in us taking it off the market for a month. Having four young kids while trying to keep your house presentable everyday is completely draining. Their main purpose in life is to create messes. They especially love to add a nice layer of cracker crumbs on fresh clean floors, jump in folded laundry and run through the house covered in wet sand!

There were many days where I felt I was failing at life and motherhood. I felt as though I couldn’t do anything right and I was ultimately destroying my kids. We would be going about our day and out of nowhere we would receive a call for a showing. We would have to drop everything and I would begin cleaning like a mad women. Exhausted I would then have to pile everyone into the car and we would drive around for an hour waiting for them to leave. Most of the time the kids were not very happy about these circumstances and would voice that with their loud screeches echoing from the backseat! For me? My tears came when we would hear comments like these:

“oh, the house was perfect but we don’t like the busy road”

“the yard is too big”


“The house is just really too small”
Ahhh! All things that were descriptive in the listing. Do they even understand how much it took for me to get the house ready? Just for them to stay 5 min? Don’t waste my time people. The comments left me wondering if we heard God wrong. Are we making the right choice? Shouldn’t it be easy? We thought that if this was suppose to be within Gods plan it would be easy. The thing is, Gods plan is far from easy. Let me give you an example.

Imagine a road that leads you to your destination. This road was paved by God. Twisting and turning through the wonderful mountain side, slightly turning right or left as the road moves around the mountains. God also created points along the road designed for resting and enjoying the view. These pit stops along the road are designed to refuel us so we can make it through our next leg. Originally, this road was smooth and easy to follow but then someone else enter into the picture.  Someone that wants to destroy this road and prevent us from moving forward, the enemy. His selfish purpose is to create obstacles along the way to try and stop us in our tracks.  He tries to convince us to avoid the rest stops, claiming we are weak if we take them.  Through his wicked schemes we may loose sight of this road but it is still there, it is just hidden under the rubble. There may be a big boulder in your path, a huge crack in your way or your path could be covered in thorny vines. The questions is are you going to keep moving forward or turn back?

You may be tired, sweaty and in much need of a shower, food & water. You stand looking at that boulder wondering if this is your sign to turn back. It’s just too hard. You can’t imagine getting over it alone. This must be the end of that path. You must have made a wrong turn somewhere and it has lead to you to a dead end. You begin to turn around and then you hear something small and faint. You feel a gentle breeze move past your face and you smell the most sweet and amazing smell. The voice says, “keep moving, trust me.”  Knowing deep with in who its from you listen.  So you clench your fist down by your side and exhale every ounce of bravery in your soul and move forward. As you start to climb over that boulder you feel a little push from behind. As you look down to see who is helping you, you realize it is Jesus.  Your foot wrapped in his hands and he is lifting you up and over this massive rock. “I’ve got you.” He says. As you make it over to the other side you look to the side of the road and see an amazing oasis. He has placed a blanket down for you to rest and there is a spread of the most nutritious food. You sit enjoying the food and Jesus sits down next to you.  He says, “well done my love. Now rest and be filled with my food. You’re next journey awaits you very soon.”

Don’t let the enemy’s obstacles convince you that you are on the wrong path.  His goal is to stop you from reaching your destiny.  The road may be difficult but it doesn’t mean it’s the wrong road. The only way to know you are on the right path is to stay close to God through prayer and reading His word daily.  It’s in His word you will find truth and strength to continue down your road.

So what’s next? We don’t know. But we stand with our fist clenched by our side, ready to climb over that boulder to see what’s on the other side.  Trusting and hopeful that our oasis is waiting for us. We would appreciate your prayers.

(next post….5 tips to selling your house with toddlers)

•Philippians 3:14(NIV)•

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

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