What JoJo Siwa taught me about Spiritual Warfare 


I had never heard the name JoJo Siwa before, until our unplanned, last minute, Descendants 2 premiere party. The girls were watching YouTube videos on the TV and this new song came on. Immediately, all the girls went crazy.  They began to sing and jump up and down. I listened, unsure I was going to like it but then fell in love. 

The song is called “Boomerang” and it all about standing up to the ones that want to get you down. You can watch it here

Yesterday was plain awful. I was under attack and my usual tactics of shaking it off were rendering useless. This one was a full force, smack ya in the face and unable to move kinda attack. The enemy was hitting me hard with lies and frankly I was listening to them. Unworthy, unwanted, forgotten, loser, failure, and the big one…that we don’t deserve Gods blessings! LIES!!!!! All lies! But yesterday I believed every single one of them. It’s sad. I was so exhausted by the end of the day that I ended up going to bed at 7:30pm (it’s a good thing because my youngest decided to act like a newborn last night 🙄 😉)

My soul was heavy as I laid in bed but instead of focusing on the lies I began shooting up prayers of thanksgiving. Many times we are blinded by the lies and we forget to see the blessings that are right in front of us. I feel asleep praying, eyes exhausted from crying,  but my soul was lifted. 

This morning as I check the modern day newspaper (aka: facebook) my eyes were drawn to this post by In Him Ministries;

“One thing I’ve learned is that whenever life seems extra difficult, whenever it seems like the intensity has been turned up, that’s a sure sign that you are close to your victory. Whenever negative thoughts are bombarding your mind, or you’re tempted to get discouraged, that’s not the time to give up! That’s not the time to back down. That’s the time to dig your heels in. That’s the time to press on with a new attitude because you are closer than you think to your victory.
It seems like sometimes we find ourselves in Satan’s cross hair, we are under direct spiritual attack. Let me encourage you to keep fighting, keep running when you find yourself there! Satan is a very strategic enemy but in studying God’s Word we can begin to understand the timing and strategy behind these attacks. 
One of the prime times for Satan to attack is immediately before a great blessing. Satan knows he can’t stop your blessing but he won’t stop trying to spoil its arrival for you.

When he attacks you, his goal is to distract you from the course that God has placed you on. He wants to discourage you, take your eyes off of God, off your victory. With this understanding it becomes easier to see Satan for what he is, the great deceiver. 
Instead of getting discouraged, I encourage you to begin to declare, “I’ve come too far to stop now! I’ve been through too much to turn back now” Tell Satan to go to hell!
Don’t allow the enemy to steal from you any longer! Instead, press on toward your finish line because you’ve come too far to give up now. Remember, God Almighty is with you, and He is leading and guiding you down the path of victory in every area of your life! ”

Such good words and so encouraging!! Then later that morning my oldest had my phone and I heard Boomerang playing. 

“I don’t really care about what they say, Imma come back like a boomerang”

“Won’t let the haters get their way…”

“Try trying to make me stop, but Imma climbing to the top”

“Just look at how far I’ve gone.”

“Try to throw us off track but we know how to come back”

These words that were directed to bullies everywhere became my anthem when the enemy attacks. We are going to have really bad days but it’s all about how we react to those bad days. Are we going to give up or are we going to get back up and keep climbing to the top?  Are we going to let the lies set in and take root or are we going to come back with truth? If the enemy is pressing in hard we need to understand that he has no authority over us and our destiny.  God already has that planned out. He has gone before us and made a way. Just like when a kid learns his bullies weaknesses, the bully loses his power over the kid and he begins to understand the power with-in himself. We have the power to control these spiritual attacks. Stand firm and Declare Gods promises over your life and begin thanking God for the many blessings that surround you. That is when the atmosphere will shift and your soul will become lighter. 

Go find your anthem and sing it from the rooftops. Because I’ve got some news for ya, WE win in the end!! 

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