Snow Falling at Midnight

The clock struck midnight as my foot landed in the fresh fallen snow. The cold powder tickled my ankles as I walked down the quiet Main Street. What once was full of busy shoppers, now has a blanket of untouched pureness. The shops were locked up tight and the windows were dark. There was a stillness in the air that caused the snowflakes to descend from the sky as if they were suspended in the air. I could detect the delicate differences between each flake and they shimmered in the glow of the kerosene lamps. My eyes began to focus on a light further down the road. A cool breeze gently touched my back as I moved forward slowly. My eyes were drawn to the shadow that was surrounding the light. As I drew closer, I realized I had reached a forest full of mature willow trees. The long branches were covered in a thin layer of ice that weighted them just enough to caress the ground. I could hear the sweet music coming from the branches as they touched each other but there was no breeze to make them move. They moved with such elegance and I wondered if they were dancing for me. I stepped forward into the woods and gently touched the branches as I passed. I looked around and noticed I was alone. I squinted as the light grew brighter. It was suspended in the air with nothing holding it into place. The light grew bigger slightly and then shot up into the air. It burst into a million fireflies and they swarmed above my head in unison. I was in awe as I watched them begin to create words. Beautiful, Worthy, Lovely, Desired, Loved, Chosen, Forgiven. The fireflies paused and began to danced excitedly as if they knew He was near. Soft footsteps came up behind me and my whole body began to buzz. It started in my feet and moved up through to my head as He reached out and grabbed my hand. My body grew limp and wanted to fall but the strength in His hand lifted me up. He grabbed my face with his other hand and tilted it up to look into his beautiful eyes, the color cannot be described with earthly words. My eyes began to water as I couldn’t take my focus off his beautiful face. So much love poured out of his eyes and into mine. He said, “my child this one is my favorite.” As His eyes looked up into the sky mine followed and the fireflies began to form an image. It was a picture of a baby. Looking closer I realized it was me. Then the imaged changed again, quickly, one image after another of me growing up. He squeezed my hand as if he was saying “watch this!” It was an image of me as an older woman and I began to cry. He put his arm around my back and said, “daughter, I have loved you the same from the moment you were born to your very last day here on earth. You are so precious to me and nothing you do can change my love for you. Every day you strive to do more, be more and still feel as if you are not enough. You believe you are failing. My child that is so far from the truth. I am so pleased with you. Fall into me and find peace in my embrace. You are more than enough and I love you more than you know.” I let out a sigh and my whole body relaxed into His. A breeze circled around my body and up through the air. As I opened my eyes, I saw the fireflies create one more word, “enough” then disappear in to the stars. And even though I could not see Him anymore His presence was very near.

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  1. April says:

    ❤️ Loved this, Audra. So good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. audraohm says:

      Thank you April!! ❤


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