Say Anything

While I was on my way home from an amazing week in Bolivia, God prompted me to purchase a book to read on my kindle app for my last flight home.  I normally steer clear of kindle books because I am in love with the new book smell, the first thing I do when I receive a new book in the mail is open it up and inhale!!  It’s a small addiction I have, that and Amazon Prime.  I am also addicted to writing, underling and highlighting in my new book.  For some reasons I think I will look back at these notes and understand them, but I never do!  I can barley read them, let along understand their content.  But I still do it, EVERYTIME!  So, as I sat at the terminal, waiting out our 7 hour delay,  I stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased Jennie Allen’s book, Anything.  And it was the Best. Decision. Ever.

I encourage you to buy this book.  This book will rock your world and if you are ready and willing to say Anything to God, He will begin moving in your heart right away!  He will then start showing you the wonderful plans He has for you.  Anything is a book about surrendering our ideals, desires, and wants for our lives and choosing to align them with God’s ideals, desires and wants.  Choosing to say ANYTHING to God.  “God, I am willing and ready.  I will do ANYTHING.”  So I read this on the plane and prayed hard.  My heart was so full from Bolivia and I wanted change.  I was done living in my safe bubble, I wanted to live with purpose.  Our family had already been put on the Simplifying band wagon a few months before and we knew something was stirring in our hearts.   God was preparing our family for something, but what?

We have felt lead to possible sell our house for the last few months.  It was all in conjunction with simplifying and being available for when God calls us.  We contacted a few realtors but never felt 100% sure that is what we were suppose to do.  I called Adam on my way to a hair apt, that I was 1 week early for, and began expressing to him that we should just go ahead and sell.  “Let’s just do it” I said.  Adam is a little more level headed than I am and he suggested that we pray about it for two weeks and then make a final decision.  I agreed, prayed and walked into my appointment, surprised my friend who graciously willing to take me anyway.  It had been ages since my hair had been cut and the roots were crowding my space, so I was a little desperate to get pampered and that fogged my mental calendar.  While sitting in her chair we began talking about my trip to Bolivia and what God had taught me there.  I told her how we have been through this simplifying stage and God is now leading us to possibly sell our house.  She stopped me and ask if we would ever consider renting our house?  I told her we would and she said, “Well we have a missionary family in our church from BOLIVIA and they need a place to stay for a year!”

let me repeat….

“Well we have this missionary family in our church from BOLIVIA and they need a place to stay for a year!”

Did you catch that?  We both had chills!  I couldn’t help but just be in awe of how God moves!  It’s amazing to me that I am continually surprised by God…as if HE couldn’t do something like that!  Still…WOW!

So, Adam and I prayed and then we contacted the family.  They came to see the house and we connected immediately.   They left saying they would pray as well and need to look at a few more options.  We both felt this was God planned but we wanted to allow Him to make the moves.  And He did.  We will now be renting our house out, fully furnished for a year, and living with my parents until God says otherwise.  We do not know what this year will bring and we have NO idea what will happen after this year.  But we are taking it one day at a time and trusting that God will let us know what we need to do and when we need to do it!

In the meantime, this is a great opportunity to save, pay off debt & be able to give more!  One thing I’ve learned so far is, when you have less things attached to you, you begin to feel so free!  That statement seems obvious but we still feel the need to keep acquiring more things and building up more debt to fill voids that can never be filled by earthly desires.  Those voids can only be filled by God and the amazing love he Has for us!  When we can truly grab a hold of that, then we begin to feel free.  Lets get rid of the distractions, let go of the things we don’t need, clear out the clutter and lets start pursuing the things that are important.

By the way, we move in 2 weeks.  🙂

So what’s your Anything?

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  1. Cheryl Brownell says:

    I’m so excited for your family. Faithful obedience.


  2. wendy says:

    Awesome…and when we put ourselves in whatever and whenever there are many things that will reveal daddy’s beautiful nature…His loving kindness, he is faithful and true…Continue to hold his hand so when the waves and billows come, you’ll only get wet…not drown..I am so happy to hear that for we have been praying for you all for a few weeks…dad has put you all on our hearts, check this out… guess who is thinking about the Ohm’s…Daddy is…


  3. Very few films have even tried to be as smart and honest as Say Anything. The film, which is more then 10 years old, still remains to be one of the strongest pieces of romantic cinema.

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