Just Love

As I sit her in the airport awaiting my final flight home,that has been delayed three times now and counting, I can’t help but reflect on this past week.  How do I even put what I experienced into words?  So many emotions, so encouraged and I am changed beyond understanding.  There are things about this week that won’t even make sense for years to come, while other things are becoming so clear as I sit her watching countless people walk by.  Everyone is different, no one person is the same.  So many different races, nationalities and beliefs.  Everyone is heading to a different destination, but everyone is going somewhere. Some look happy, some tired, others stressed or weary.  One thing we all have in common is Love.  We all desire to be loved and are loved by our Creator.  One immediate change we can make in the world today is to Love.  This may look differently for some or harder for others, but I want to encourage all of us to take a leap of faith today and reach out and love someone.  Love the hurting, love the unloveable, love those that are different from you, love those with different beliefs, just love.  God wants us to just love on others and let Him do the rest!  I wont say anymore, these pictures will reach down into our soul and grab a hold of your heart strings.  Go.Be.Love.

IMG_6102 IMG_6120 IMG_6126 IMG_6137 IMG_6149 IMG_6161 IMG_6163 IMG_6171 IMG_6187 IMG_6199 IMG_6211 IMG_6236 IMG_6247 IMG_6264 IMG_6265 IMG_6292 IMG_6295 IMG_6302 IMG_6310 IMG_6313 IMG_6349 IMG_6366 IMG_6508 IMG_6514 IMG_6532 IMG_6539 IMG_6589 IMG_6643 IMG_6756 IMG_6759 IMG_6761 IMG_6771 IMG_6775 IMG_6776 IMG_6780 IMG_6843 IMG_6846 IMG_6887


10 thoughts on “Just Love

  1. Emily Booher

    Wow Audra!
    Yes we need to go and share God’s love.
    So many great pictures of children and people that i love!
    Thanks for coming down and making a difference in these kid’s lives.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. MKD

        Chino!! Ah I love that man, what a small world! How many VO trips have you been on? This was my first actually


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