Bolivia- coming soon! 


As I am prepring to leave for Bolivia in less than a week, my heart is anxious to see the Holy Spirit move in everyone’s life!  This trip doesn’t just affect the kids, but everyone involved. It is a ripple effect. It will drastically change the lives of the team members and each person that is connected to them. I pray that Everyone will allow God to show up in their lives, and ask themselves, “how can my life be better portrayed for Christ?” Or “How can my life glorify God more?” Small changes make HUGE ripples in the water. 

As we leave this Saturday, Please keep our team in your prayers through out the week!  We have a lot of traveling to get to Boliva and will take quite some time. Pray for protection while we are there and for flexibility! Pray we are a light to the kids and workers with the intention of solely loving on them. Pray that we are able to hear God speaks to us on how we can love them more. What we may see as “helpful” could bring more stress, pray we are sensitive to their needs. Please pray for logistics, that flights are on time, all luggage makes it, paperwork, and sleep. And Pray friendships are made that will last a lifetime. 

Thank you to everyone that has helped make this happen, from support to encourageme and prayer. I am blown away by your willingness to say “Yes” and the encouragement you have given me along the way. Words can’t express how I feel. I wish I was a better writer so I could 😉 

I will keep everyone update while we are there! Thank you so much friends, I am truly blessed to have you all apart of my life. 

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