Keeping up with the Clutter

I haven’t been able to write in awhile because God has been working on me in a different area, the outside!  He has been sending little hints my way for the last couple weeks and this week I put those hints into action. It may be drastic for some and encouraging for others, either way God wants all of us to take a look at our lives and see how we can simplify!

It all started with cry of desperation with the amount of clutter our little house held. It always seemed messy and I couldn’t keep up. Dishes piled to the ceiling awaiting tired hands to wash them, mounds of clothes that created a mini Mount Everest in our bedrooms, toys laid out with out little hands playing with them and household decorations that only collected dust instead of compliments. I had enough! I asked myself why we had all this STUFF! We work so hard to acquire all this stuff when it only stresses us out and never fills the void. We continue to buy “the next big thing” thinking that will and once again we are disappointed.  Why?

As I thought about what God was trying to tell me, I was reminded of the mission trips I had been on.  We go to help support & bring supplies and that is wonderful and needed but He wanted me to learn something from them.  Many times we have culture shock when we go to another country because we are all amazed at what little the people of that country have.  We couldn’t imagine living with out this….or with out that, but they do and they are content.  I have witnessed first hand the joy that pours out of the people I visit there and I realized it wasn’t measured by the amount of things they own, but the people around them and their relationship with God.  I pondered this and wanted this for my family as well. God showed me how simple and peaceful my life could be if I got rid of the clutter and allowed more room for him.

Then last week, a friend introduced me to an amazing family out of Utah. The mom and dad decided to sell almost everything and take a year long road trip in their RV with their 6 kids, whom they home schooled while they were on the road. They have videos on their blog on how to stay organized in that small space and it once again encouraged me to pursue a simpler life. Certain strategies they took in the RV could very well be applied in our home, why not? I once again thought about why we have this STUFF, what’s the point? Trust me, I love things. I love all things antique & pretty, I love the newest electronic and anything that makes my life easier, but I am realizing it’s just STUFF. My need or want for these things is a worldly desire, not heavenly. So I received the “hints” and I am being called to get rid of some of the things I love, so I can focus more on what is important.  As I watched them I realized that this can be done and I want to do this.  You can read their blog HERE.

Over the next few weeks I will share with you how I have simplified our lives and how I will go about it. There are a few books I will be referencing and encourage you to check them out as well!!   As I take a look into each room I am asking myself, Why I have this?, When did I use it last? and Could someone else use this more than me?  I am going to take a look at my needs and get rid of my wants.   I hope this process will put my needs over my wants and allow my life to become simpler and I hope as a family we will realize what we really need to be happy & joyful.  I hope it gives our family freedom from the clutter in our minds and freedom from busyness, because we won’t be keeping up with all the clutter anymore.  Wish us luck and a little prayer can go a long way! 🙂

Disclaimer:  all family members are on board with my crazy idea and no one is being forced into this simplifying process.

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  1. Clutter is an enemy in our house.


    1. audraohm says:

      Yes it is!!! Feels amazing to get a lot of it gone, more to come. God is blessing us through it too! Can’t wait to share more!


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