Fearless Love & My bestie, Jen Hatmaker

Back in February I received news that changed my life. My life did not physically change but it changed in a way where I chose a different path, this particular path pointed me in the direction of living my life differently. To love people better. The person responsible? Jen Hatmaker. Jen is a wife to a biker preaching, love fearing pastor in Austin, Tx. They have five kids, two came to be apart of their family through adoption. Jen is also an amazing writer and speaker. I was informally introduced to her through the IF: local conference in 2014. The moment I heard her speak on stage I wanted to know everything about her, what books she wrote, where did she adopt from, who was her stylist! I was drawn to her whole being, the woman God created her to be, and the woman she is through God.

For the next year I followed her on Facebook and Twitter and read as many books of hers I could. Then, in February of this year she was at the IF: Conference again and she rocked it.  I left our IF: Local weekend with two words on my heart, Fearless Love.  It was the idea of loving people more and letting go of all fear that associated with that love.  Fear of getting hurt, fear of failing, fear of vulnerability, or the fear of criticism.  Just let go and love.  And let me tell you, this was just the beginning.  God had/has so much to teach me about loving fearlessly.


God continued to work on me with loving fearlessly when she announced she was in search of a launch team for her new book, For the Love. She wanted “Her People” to help launch her new book. So I applied with 5000 other wonderful people, knowing only 500 would be accepted.  My faith was low but I was hopeful. Weeks later, I received that email that changed my life. I was accepted. I was part of her launch team.  Everyone received an advance copy of her book and we became part of a tribe of people that talk daily and pray for each other during the hard times and celebrate with each other doing the good times.  And most importantly we discuss Jen’s book and share our favorite life altering quotes. This book will rock your world, it will have you laughing till you cry and crying because you are so moved. Jen’s words pull you in and your transported to her front porch in Austin sipping on a cup of coffee(or wine) with your best friend.


This tribe is the perfect example of loving fearlessly, the women come to the group with such vulnerability, grace and faith toward each and every one of the women there.  Vulnerability + Faith + Grace = Fearless Love.  If you approach life with those three things fearless love will pour out of you like water pours out of a garden hose in the heat of summer.  When things get hot and sweaty and hard to handle, drink out of that water hose!  Loving this way isn’t easy and it can be unattainable with your own strength.  As you begin to let God into the situation, He will begin to show you the love he has for that person/situation and that fearless love will begin to come naturally.

So as I continue to walk in this journey, I ask that you will come and walk beside me.  Come sit on my make-believe front porch and sip on something sweet.  Lets be brave together and take steps to loving the people around us fearlessly.  This may look different for everyone.  It could look like reaching out to a neighbor, sending a note to an old friend, opening your home, making a meal, forgiveness of past hurts, befriend the unfriendly, opening the bible, or looking into the mirror with a smile.  I pray that God will reveal that fearless love in your life right now.  I pray that we all take that unwelcome fear and toss it out the window and let the cool breeze of peace flow through and surround our bodies.

Book comes out in August, Pre-Order your copy now!


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