The morning God showed me a little bit of Heaven

The sun was just peaking over the horizon and the rays were trying to sneak into the room through the holes in the blinds.  Distant worship music filled the quiet house and everyone was asleep, including myself.  As I slept, I found myself in the midst of an early morning dream.  For me, those are the most vidid and are easier to remember.  I found myself outside, looking intently up into the sky.  There was a flicker of light that drew my eyes up, as if the suns rays reflected off an object and I was memorized.  I reached for my telescope and pointed it in the direction of the flickering light. I focused the lens  and began to see something form, a planet.  It resembled earth but it was very different as well.  Just like earth, the planet had land and water but the shape of the continents were very different.  I zoomed in closer and as I refocused I could see seperation of states, then towns, and then neighborhoods.  The telescope panned over huge mansions set apart from each other with generous plots of land.  Just then,  I was being transported through a tunnel.   It took only a second before I fell on the ground of this new place.  Confused,  I stood up and looked around.  I was blown away by the magnitude of beauty this place held.  I was experienceing every season happening all at once.  The trees of many colors were surrounding me, some blooming magnificent pink flowers.  Their frangance hit my nose like a wave crashing on a sandy beach.  Giant snow flakes were gracefully falling from the sky, landing in my open hand.  I watched as one unique snowflake landed in the center of my palm and I noticed it was not cold to the touch and it didn’t melt.  The warm breeze blew around me in a swirling vortex.  I began walking and as I walked I came closer an edge.  As I approached the edge with anticipation and excitement, there was no fear of falling.  The rocky cliff ledge was end of the this land, just as our ancestors believed our world was flat, this world was in fact flat.  Without fear, I leaned over and what I saw was beyond amazing.  There was a mixture of different colors of blues that were swirling amongst millions of shimmering stars.  I can only describe it as a sparkling sea of mystery with water currents in every direction.   As I stood there, mesmerized, I was overtaken by an extraordinary amount of peace and then I opened my eyes and I was back in my bed.  I stared up at the ceiling pondering as the sun peaked through the window blinds.  The quiet was replaced with cries that begged for some morning attention.   Then, I began my day.

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