Number Three

Ben got ready for bed just like any other night.  He brushed his teeth, washed his face, turned the fan on and climbed into bed.  The fleece sheets were comfort to his cold toes.  His wife laid there next to him, already asleep and the dog was curled up in the curve of her knees.  Their breathing was soothing and it helped steady his own.  Ben laid there listening to silence,  yet his mind was full of prayers crying out to God.  The prayers consisted of adoration, desire, thankfulness and crying out for an abundance of His glory.  He laid there uttering under his breath as his eyes became heavy.  Suddenly, there was a man standing next to him, looking down at Ben in anticipation.  Ben was unable to move yet there was a peace that surrounded him in a cloud and he knew this man was sent from God.  “I am here to inform you and give you a warning of what is to come.”  Ben couldn’t speak, he only nodded in acceptance.  The man continued.

“I have been sent by God to tell you that you are number three.  God revealed your face and name to me in a vision so that I could come to you.  The one before me came to me just like this and reveled to me the plans of the Lord and told me that I am number two.  After the man left, my mouth was opened and a white fire ball flew into my mouth.  Then, I fell asleep for three days.  During that time, the Lord downloaded his plans for my life.  When I awoke I began throwing up.  It was not vomit that hit the floor but a thousands small frogs.  They jumped around the room aimlessly before finding a hiding place.  I cannot say anymore except this, have faith and be courageous.  Goodbye.”

Ben laid there, alone.  The man vanished into the cloud that surrounded him.  Static lighting began flashing like a summer lighting storm, random and harmless.  Through the cloud a bright light began to descend on him, pausing to hover over him for a few seconds.  Then, the light flew with force down into the palm of Ben’s right hand.  He fell asleep for three days.  The Lord’s voice filled his soul as he slept.

“Ben.  I love you so much son, more than you can ever imagine.  I am so proud of you and the man you are desiring to become.  Your love for people and gentleness will move many.  That is why I have chosen you to be number three.  There are 10 of you that will change the world and I am calling you to New York and Chicago. I will tell more when it’s time.  Go and tell number four.”

When Ben awoke the cloud was gone.  He looked down at his right hand, it was laying flat on the bed, palm facing up.  A tingling sensation began to form in the center.  Ben began to wiggle his fingers, as he thought his hand must be asleep.  Then a warmth filled his heart, exploding through his arteries.   It traveled across his chest, down his arm and into fingertips.  Suddenly, his palm split open and a cloud of small flying gnats flew out of his right hand and swarmed the air above him.  Ben laid there still and quiet, watching in amazement and in anticipation, then they flew out the unopened window in unison.  Ben looked down at his hand and a light began to pierce through the open wound, healing the opening right before his eyes.  There was no sign of a scar or physical change in his hand.  But strangely, Ben felt an intense power that wasn’t there before.   He knew what he was suppose to do, he knew who he was suppose to see and where he had go.  He sat up in bed, armed and ready to go serve the Lord.  He looked down next to him and his wife was laying there, asleep, just as before.  No time had passed in this world.  Ben let out of sigh, not of relief but exhaustion and contemplation.  He laid back down, closed his eyes and began to pray.

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