Called to Bolivia

A few months back I had a dream that confused me and scared me.  It was a dream of stepping into ministry.  I felt unequipped and nervous in the dream and in waking life I had the same feeling.  I have been on mission trips in the past through a non-profit organization called Visiting Orphans, they plan trips all around the world to visit orphanages.   I have been to Costa Rica a couple times and both trips were life changing.  On the first trip I knew our family was called to adopt and on our second trip we were pushed forward into that motion.  During the second trip I was pregnant, sick & unaware my baby girl had stopped growing the week before I left.  Upon arrival back to the United States I was devastated and wasn’t sure if I would ever go back.  God has an amazing way of healing those wounds and making my desire to go back even stronger than before


In the past weeks I have felt a nudge from God about going out once again.  With the dream in the back of my mind, I was open to the idea.  He continued to put me in crazy situations that confirmed this nudging.  I felt I wasn’t suppose to go back to Costa Rica, but this time Bolivia.  My sister, Casi, works for Visiting Orphans and is planning a trip in June to Bolivia with a team.  I briefly looked on the website to check it out and saw it was full.  I pushed it aside and went on looking for something else, all while Bolivia was still in the back of my mind.  I prayed that God would work something out if he wanted me to be there.  I sent a few nonchalant text to my sister, asking about the trip.  Then I sent this text:

“Is your Boliva Trip full?”

“Are you asking for yourself?”


Casi went on to tell me that someone just backed out of the trip and there was an open spot.  I knew this wasn’t a final yes because there were many things that had to work out for me to be able to go.  1.  Boliva had to agree  2.  Yes from the Hubs  2.  Childcare and 4.  Finances.  Bolivia said, “absolutely!”  My husband took a few hours to pray on it.  He has some concerns due to finances and my safety.  He received two visions that day.  First, he saw Jesus holding and hugging on a bunch of kids, then he saw an Angel.  This told him that I was suppose to go and that God was going to send his angels to watch over us.  Next, I called my mom to make sure she could watch the kiddos, and she lovingly agreed!  Since I am signing up so late a big chunk of money is due TODAY!  I have faith that God is going to provide this money.  He has done it before and will do it again!


Friends, I need your help!  This is a very vulnerable time for me and I need your prayers!  Please be surrounding our team, who I haven’t even met yet, in prayer.  Praying protection over all of us and that we will be able to love on each child how they are meant & need to be loved.  Also, if you are feeling the call to give toward this trip all money is due today!  This is a lot, I understand, and I thank you for reading and considering.  Please go to the Visiting Orphans Website and click on “Donate”.  It will lead you to a form to fill out.  Select Boliva and indicate my name, Audra Ohm, in the appropriate box.  If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me!  I thank you so much for your prayers & support!  I will be sharing how God moves on this trip through my blog! Much love!


Click HERE to Donate!

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    (that was beautiful) wow… sniff…awesome read, hey check out my blog and read the its official post. It will explain my Christian project.

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