child of mine

the enemy whispers into your ear
lies fill your mind
hate leaves your mouth
hurt comes in the form of tears

day after day
hour by hour
minute by minute
you fight what they say

you are a loser
you are unworthy
you are not loved
you are mediocre

these are lies
disguised as truth
believed by most
only to result in cries

the truth is love
from your creator
who made you
something far greater

listen to the spirit
gentle voice in the breeze
creating tingles from head to toe
filling warm truth in your soul

dear child of mine
these words are for you
speak them out
they are all true

You are desired
You are worthy
You are gifted
You are beautiful

You are strong
You are intelligent
You are admirable
You are graceful

You are sweet
You are kind
You are forgiving
You are faithful

You are wanted
You are creative
You are funny
You are wonderful

You are my child
you are favored
You are loved
it is plentiful


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cara Huiner says:

    You are an amazing writing. You speak from the heart and your writing style is quite elegant. You don’t have to say a lot but, it seems to hit often emotionally & elegantly. Just wanted to say the poem touched me.


    1. audraohm says:

      Thank you so much Cara! So glad it spoke to you!


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