Cinderella:  The Hidden Message 

Recently, I went to see the new movie Cinderella with my daughter. It was beautifully done with a great message, “Have courage and be kind” in all circumstances. You all know the story, we grew up with this treasure,  but have you ever thought about what Cinderella had to go through to get to the ball, her happy ending? She lost her mother, her father, her name and her freedom. Because of this suffering she ran through the woods and met a man, the prince. 

Many have come up to me and expressed their sincere apologies that I had to endure going through so many miscarriages, I appreciate everyone that has said that. One thing I thing that crosses my mind is “what if I never went through those miscarriages?” Or “what if I was able to get pregnant right away and carry full term?”  I have come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t want to change a thing, even if I could. I would go though every single one again.  I have realized how much I have grown through each painful experience. Each time I am dealing with something far greater than I can handle on my own, I cry out to God and he shows up. He uses what the enemy has sought out for my evil, and He turns it into good. The bible never says that God  will never give us anything we can’t handle, what he says is that he will walk with us through the storm and that he has great plans for us. 

When Cinderella reached the point where she could not handle the pain anymore, her fairy godmother showed up. She showed Cinderella the great plan she had for her, the ball. At this point Cinderella had no idea what was going to come from the ball, all she knew was that she may see her friend that she met in the woods. 

God has great plans for our lives. He is there waiting for you to cry out to Him and He will show you the way. He may just show you a glass slipper and you are unsure what to do with it, but hang on my friend and soak in all that God has for you in this time. 

When the Prince had shown up at the little house in the country, he brought the glass slipper. He knew this was the girl he saw in the woods and the ball but tried the shoe on her anyway.  He asked her for her name and she responded with, “Cinderella.”  Not Ella, the name her parents gave her, but the name her stepsisters gave her. She chose to embrace her past, own it, and move on. This is who she was and she was proud of the pain because it brought her to her prince. 

When she said that in the movie I was so moved! I loved that she didn’t give him the name of who she was but the name that represents who she is! I am a mom who has 8 children. I have one that joined this earth through my belly, one that joined us trough someone else’s belly and six are in heaven. I am so proud of who I am and what I have been through. I would not have it any other way, it’s who I am. 

If you are in the darkest of holes right now, look up and try to see that light shining through. Some of you may be in deeper holes with just a glimmer of light or the idea that there is no light, but there is light. Try and see it. He is there, arms reached out, holding your glass slipper, sparking in His heavenly brightness. 

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  1. Sharon Peterson says:

    This was great, Audra! It was awesome to hear your heart and how God has taken your pain and taught more about Himself through it all! Thanks for being so transparent! You rock, girl!


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