Dream Interview Series: Adam

We recently celebrated the wonderful life of a legend. What made this man a legend? He had a dream. A dream that probably kept him up at night. A dream that started long before he was old enough to voice his longing to make a difference, a change. A dream created in the root of his soul. It was a dream that seemed impossible at the time. A dream that either shook people to their core or inspired ones to drop everything and go after that very same dream. Have you ever thought where we might be today if Martin Luther King jr. gave up or let obstacles stand in his way? I have and I’m so thankful for this man and his courage to fight after his dream. He didn’t let anyone stand in his way. This act of courage ultimately cost him his life but as I sit here rocking my beautiful daughter I see how his dream was reach and it moved and blessed many.

Do you have one of these dreams? The kind that keeps you up at night or wakes you with the first ray of sunshine that hits the earth? One that may seem impossible to reach? My desire is to know your dreams and voice them to everyone, so that myself and others can be praying you through these dreams. I am going to interview people on my blog and do just that. These could be people I know or people I just met in a cafe.
My very first interviewee? My husband, Adam. He is a very good sport and loves to support my crazy ideas. He is my best friend. The fuel to my flame, the cream in my coffee and the almond icing on my homemade cake. He makes my life better, peaceful, more joyful, helps me slow down and keeps me going. I’m so thankful for him. He answered my questions as he sat on his old black army tub that once carried his army belongings but now was the home to our precious Christmas decorations.  The tub had been there for weeks taking up space in our small cozy living room, I almost started charging it rent! Anyway, this man took me by surprise. I would’ve bet I could answer these questions for him but I learned so much about this man in that short 10 minutes. I began with the most simplest of questions and I almost didn’t ask it, but I’m glad I did.

What is your name?
“Adam Robert Ohm the 2nd, from the 3rd prestinct.” 
Oh boy…what did I get myself into?
What do you do for a living? 
“Distributed Sales Manager for a Global chemical company. Largest in the United States.”
Yes, he is important! 🙂 
I went on to ask him about his lifelong dream. He told me that his dream is to own multiple businesses that fuel his deeper longing, to be the founder of a ministry that spreads the Love of God to all the nations. He doesn’t know what, when or where yet but he has a good foundation for the who and why. 
“I want to pursue this dream with 100% honesty, I want to be honest in who this dream is for and that I’m not running toward the dream for all the wrong reasons.”
This dream is for all Gods people, to share with them the love and grace that bought us all out of the deepest place.
What obstacles might be standing in your way?
He began to list a few:
-lack of confidence
-questions I can’t answer
Sound familiar? These are lies and they only come from the one that comes to steal,kill and destroy. He doesn’t want us to reach our dreams.  He wants us to give up so that those dreams are never played out, so he can see us fail. He loves that. I say “NO!” I am going to fight back. I am going to fight and make the impossible possible.
One way to fight through these lies is the power of prayer. So I asked Adam one final question:
How can myself and the readers be praying for you?
“Pray that I not always go with my instinct, because sometimes my first instinct is to go with what the world thinks of me and I base my decisions on that. Pray that I can think things through, through a different lens of that of the world. Gods lens.”
I pray we all can do that! Martin Luther King Jr. defiantly looked through a different lens of that of the world. He saw a different kind of world.
“I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.”-MLK
Go look at the world from Gods lens today!

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